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    Retinol is included in Yugard face cream. Retinol works by forcing surface skin cells to shed quickly, allowing new skin cells to grow beneath them. They thicken the skin and prevent wrinkle development by preventing collagen breakdown.
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    Retinoids exfoliate black skin cells and decrease the production of melanin, which helps to diminish hyperpigmentation.

    Yugard can assist with pimple-related hyperpigmented brown patches. This is because it causes skin cells to exfoliate, allowing new, healthier skin cells to emerge faster and pigmented cells to be shed.

    Use Instructions:

    Face should be washed and dried thoroughly.
    Apply a pea-sized quantity of Yugard to the entire face, avoiding the eye socket.
    Massage it into the skin gently.
    Avoid putting your hand too close to your hairline or brows.
    If your skin becomes dry, apply a light moisturiser on it.
    Throughout the day, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

    Use under the supervision of a physician.