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    VC 15 SERUM 15ML

    VC-15 serum is a topical preparation of L-ascorbic acid, the most bioactive form of vitamin C. VC-15 Serum has a 15% concentration and a pH of 2.7, allowing for improved percutaneous absorption.
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    Highlights of the product
    Aids in the treatment of photodamaged and ageing skin.
    Hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, and acne scars are all treated with this product.

    Key Ingredients:
    Vitamin C

    Key Advantages:

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to eliminate dead skin cells that produce dark spots and promotes the growth of new ones.
    Photodamaged/ageing skin, hyperpigmentation/melasma, acne/acne scars, and post-procedure inflammation are all treated with VC-15 serum, which is non-irritating and non-comedogenic.

    Use Instructions:

    Once a day, in the morning, VC-15 should be used.
    Make sure the skin area to be treated as well as your hands are clean before applying.
    Before applying any sunscreen or make-up, use the serum.

    Information about safety:

    Before using, carefully read the label.
    Keep it out of the reach of youngsters.
    Keep it in a cold, dry location.
    Use under the guidance of a physician.