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    Manufacturer: TYNOR
    In situations of muscle tear, strain, or soft tissue damage, the Tynor Rib Belt offers compression to the thorax (chest) and rib cage while also reducing discomfort. It helps to keep sternum fractures from getting worse (breastbone).
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    Highlights of the product
    It aids in the stabilisation of sternum fractures.
    It aids in the removal of phlegm during cardiothoracic surgery.

    Assists in the reduction of post-operative discomfort


    After a severe injury, to support the chest.

    Specifications and Features of the Product:

    It's light and thin, so it won't show through your clothes.
    Extra porous webbing increases the patient's ventilation and comfort.
    Following surgery, CS, or birth, optimal compression tones up abdominal muscles.
    Belt rolling is prevented by special nylon reeves.

    Use Instructions:

    Use only as needed or as advised by a physician.

    Information about safety:

    Before using, carefully read the label.
    Keep out of children's reach.
    Store in a cool, dry location.