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    Manufacturer: TYNOR
    The Tynor Cool Pack is a handy gadget for applying cold compresses. Cold compresses help to minimise inflammation, which preserves the wounded tissue by lowering the metabolic rate around it, reducing oedema and bleeding. Fever is reduced by using a cold compress, which can be utilised after an acute injury or surgical operation. It can also be used to relieve edoema around the eyes and treat ocular allergies and itching.
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    Excellent cold therapy instrument that effectively relieves fever, damage, and inflammation.
    Longer temperature retention time is provided by high-quality gel and film, which is soft and frost-free (upto -4 degree C).
    Fabric cover prevents cyro skin burns, and an elastic belt holds the pack against the body with an adjustable fit. Flexible and large enough to cover target area while conforming to body contours.

    Aesthetics are good, with a soft feel and a nice gel colour and fabric combo.

    Easy to clean and maintain, practical to use, long-lasting, and puncture-resistant.