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    Manufacturer: TYNOR
    Tynor Anklet (Pair) gives modest compression, warmth, and support to the ankle joint to relieve pain and inflammation caused by ageing, arthritis, sports, and other factors.
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    Highlights of the product
    People who are prone to ankle injuries should be protected.
    It provides optimal ankle stabilisation by a triple action of straps, laces, and strong lateral anatomical splints.

    Its symmetrical design allows it to be worn on either ankle.

    Specifications and Features of the Product:

    Improved sweat absorption and comfort
    Patient compliance is higher, and there are no reactions or rashes.
    Two layers of enclosed air space effectively preserve body heat.
    Adjusts compression even on unequal diameters and provides therapeutic warmth and support to the knee.
    Patient compliance is improved by the simple pull-on application.

    Useful Directions:

    It is utilised according to the doctor's instructions.

    Information on safety:

    Before using, carefully read the label.
    Keep it in a cold, dry location.
    Keep it out of the reach of youngsters.