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    Manufacturer: TYNOR
    The Tynor Anklet comfeel is a next-generation anklet that provides slight compression, warmth, and support. It's used to relieve pain and inflammation caused by old age, arthritis, or an injury. It is woven in three dimensions and precisely fits to the anklet's intricate architecture.
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    In relation to this item
    Better compression, precise fitting, and easy ankle movement are provided by 3D knitted anatomically shaped socks with mellowed heels.
    Body heat is retained and healing is accelerated thanks to the two-layered design with interlaced air space.

    Aesthetics are excellent, with a long functional life and colour fastness.

    Simple to use, more comfortable, and long-lasting.

    Please measure circumference approx 2 inches above the inner ankle joint and refer to the sizing chart for the suitable size.