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    Manufacturer: H&H
    Sunban Lotion is a sunscreen lotion that protects you from the sun's damaging rays. Octyl methoxycinnamate, Oxybenzone, and Titanium dioxide are all ingredients in Sunban Lotion. It shields the skin from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays. Sunban Lotion protects against UVA and UVB rays. Octyl Methoxycinnamate is a UV-blocking substance that helps to reduce scarring by absorbing UV radiation.
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    Key component advantages:

    Octinoxate, also known as Octyl methoxycinnamate, is a non-PABA sunscreen ingredient that absorbs UV-B rays from the sun and protects the skin from harm.
    Titanium dioxide is a true broad-spectrum blocker, shielding the skin from UVA, UVB, and even UVC rays.

    Use instructions:

    Apply liberally to exposed skin every day at least half an hour before exposure.
    When exposed to the sun for more than 2 hours, reapply.
    If you're sweating a much or swimming, reapply after 80 minutes.


    Apply half an hour before sun exposure or as prescribed by a physician to the face, hands, and other body parts on a daily basis.

    Use under the guidance of a physician.