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    Manufacturer: USV PRIVATE LIMITED
    Squalene helps infants and children's lipid barriers. Sebamed Extra Soft Baby Wash is a sugar-based gentle cleanser with plant lipids akin to vernix and allantoin (200ml)
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    Sebamed's extra soft baby wash has a ph of 5.5 and a sugar-based gentle cleanser. Other baby cleaners have a ph of more than 7, which damages the barrier. The ph of a newborn's skin is 7. The acid layer that protects the baby's fragile skin develops over a period of weeks to months, and the skin's ph eventually rises to 5. 5. The skin's protective barrier stays intact at ph 5. 5 on its own. Only at ph 5. 5 has it been clinically shown that fat and moisture loss is minimal, and harmful bacteria development is inhibited. To preserve and moisturise the baby's skin, Sebamed baby wash extra soft is reinforced with lipids similar to vernix (the same as in the mother's womb). Sebamed baby wash extra soft is provided free of charge.