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    Manufacturer: USV PRIVATE LIMITED
    Sebamed children's shampoo has a ph of 5. 5 and a gentle cleanser based on sugar. Other children's shampoos contain chemicals like as formaldehyde, phthalates, and sls, which can cause allergic responses. The scalp barrier stays intact at ph 5. 5 on its own. Only at ph 5. 5 has it been clinically proved that the scalp is moisturised and strengthened for maximum hair development. The loss of lipids and moisture is minimal, and the formation of malassezia, which causes dandruff, is limited. Irritation responses are rare with Sebamed children's shampoo since it is free of irritants.
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    Extra mild active surfactants for gentle washing of fine kid hair at the same time, its ph supports the scalp for optimal hair development, and unique camomile ingredients soothe the scalp to relieve skin irritation, with no burning or stinging in the eyes thanks to a no tears recipe.

    Chamomile chamomile chamomile chamomile chamomile chamomile chamomile chamomile Hair Type: Afro-Caucasian

    Wet the baby's hair and apply 1 to 2 ml of Sebamed children's shampoo to the scalp, diluting it with equal parts water.

    There are instructions included.