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    Manufacturer: USV PRIVATE LIMITED
    Rubbing and chafing are reduced by using a micronized version of tio2. Absorbs excess moisture from the skin of the infant to make it feel more comfortable. Allentown's extra soft formula helps to prevent baby's sensitive skin from irritation. Olive oil, which is found in seamed baby powder, soothes and protects the skin of your baby from dryness. Made in Germany olive oil calms and protects the baby's skin from dryness From one month forward, allantoin makes the skin supple and smooth with a lovely herbal aroma. There were no irritating responses and nearly no allergic reactions.
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    Olive oil soothes and protects baby's skin from dryness, while allantoin helps to prevent friction and nappy rash.

    Talc, a micronized type of titanium dioxide, olive oil extracts, and allantoin

    To apply, take a step back from your baby and shake the powder into your palm, making sure not to shake it directly on or near your infant. Apply carefully to prevent creating a cloud of powder, and keep the powder out of reach of your baby.

    There are instructions included.