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    Manufacturer: USV PRIVATE LIMITED
    Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath contains Chamomile and a sugar-based gentle cleanser . Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath has a pH of 5.5 and contains an extra mild sugar-based cleanser. Baby Bubble Bath is a very mild foamy bath addition with good cleansing characteristics.
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    Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath's main advantages and applications are as follows:

    - 100% soap-free and alkali-free

    - A tenside complex that is extra mild for gentle cleaning without dehydrating

    - Foaming that is regulated and gentle

    - Protects against dryness with natural moisturising agents

    - Helps to maintain the body's natural lipid balance

    - Allantoin softens and smoothes the skin.

    - A pleasant herbal scent

    - From six months onwards, this is the best option.

    - Tear-free formula

    Dosage/Instructions for Use:

    - To make bubbles, add 2-3 ml of water into the baby tub or bucket and swirl with your hands. Place the infant in the tub or bucket after the bubbles have formed. Ideally, the infant should not spend more than five minutes in the water.

    Information about safety:

    - Only for external use

    - Carefully read the label.

    - Keep out of children's reach

    - Do not take more than the prescribed amount.