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    Renocia hair rejuvenating shampoo contains Cell-U-Plex, a synergistic mix of pure plant extracts, vitamins, and proteins that infuse the hair shaft with thickening, strengthening, and general vitality. Renocia hair wash stimulates hair development by feeding the roots from the inside out, as well as cleansing the hair against pollutants and dust. Hair thinning, hair loss, dandruff, split ends, and frizzy hair are all typical hair problems that the shampoo can assist with.
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    Renocia Shampoo encourages you to:

    1. Hair Rejuvenation
    2. Thickness and texture of the hair
    3. Regrowth of hair
    4. Hair that Shines
    5. Bounce & Volume
    6. Invigorates Each strand of hair is strengthened by the scalp.

    Use in the following manner:

    Using a large amount of water, wet your hair.
    Make a lather with the shampoo.
    Massage the scalp for two to three minutes.
    Rinse well with water.

    Use under medical supervision