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    Rejuglow-UE is a scientifically designed under-eye serum that is enriched with Vitamin K1 and Retinol (Vitamin A). It was created with the sensitive skin around the eyes in mind, brightening and reducing the look of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. It boosts moisture around the eyes. Removes blood pigments that cause dark circles and irritation, as well as strengthening the region around the eyes to avoid capillary leakage. Periorbital and Suborbital Hyperpigmentation: Highly Effective (DARKCIRCLES)
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    Capillaries, Arteries, and Veins all benefit from increased blood circulation.
    Reduces skin discoloration and speeds up the healing process
    Free radicals are no longer a problem. Retinol's Role Retinol's ability to penetrate deep into the skin's lower layers

    Collagen synthesis is stimulated, which helps to repair the skin.

    Improves the skin's suppleness around the eyes. Firms and hydrates the skin around the eyes.