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    Manufacturer: PHILIPS AVENT
    The broad breast-shaped teat encourages a natural latch on, comparable to that of the breast, making it simple for your infant to alternate between breast and bottle feeding. Because of its natural form, the infant may continue to move his tongue in the same way he did at the breast. Teat petals improve suppleness and flexibility without causing teat collapse. Your infant will eat in a more relaxed and satisfied manner. By releasing air into the bottle rather than the baby's stomach, the innovative dual valve design minimises colic and pain. This makes it easier for the infant to eat. The bottle is simple to grasp and grip in any direction for optimal comfort, even for baby's little hands, thanks to its distinctive form. As a new parent, you're concerned about your child's health and well-being.
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    Breastfeeding is simple to incorporate.
    BPA1 has a concentration of 0 percent.

    Anti-colic valve that alleviates colic and pain.

    Teat with a wide breast shape for a natural latch

    Teat is ultra-soft and feels like a breast.

    Flexible and ultra-soft