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    Nutricerat Intense Nutrition Shampoo by Ducray is a deeply mending shampoo for dry to extremely dry hair. This shampoo is based on the moisturising qualities of illipe butter, an ancient substance that protects the hair from external aggressions, and has a pleasant summer scent. The hair is fed from the roots to the ends, resulting in softer, smoother hair that is better able to regain its natural vitality and lustre.
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    Ducray Nutricerat Nourishing Repairing Shampoo is designed to cleanse and restore hair that is dry, dehydrated, or damaged.
    Shampoo texture; Dryness, dullness, lack of energy, and chemical damage are all problems with hair.

    Hair type: dry to very dry;

    Main benefits: gently washes the hair, nourishes and moisturises it for a long time, and heals past damage.

    How to Make Use of Ducray Nutricerat Intense Nutrition Shampoo should be used on moist hair. Rinse after lathering. Reapply for a third time and leave on for three minutes. Rinse the dish well. For a period of six weeks, it should be used twice a week.