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    Excessive hair washing, harsh shampoos, and environmental variables such as excessive sun and wind exposure, dry air, styling processes, medical issues, and malnutrition all strip our hair of its natural oils. Hair cuticles are damaged as a result of this (outermost layer of hair). Hair becomes drab, dry, harsh, unmanageable, brittle, tangled, and difficult to untangle as a result. In the long run, this weakens the roots and causes hair loss. Lushair Serum strengthens and restores hair integrity by sealing the cuticles of each hair strand. Lushair will make dry, tangled, frizzy, and brittle hair more manageable. Lushair serum also helps to boost hair's general health and shine.
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    Basil extract from hairy root tissue culture

    For glossy hair, try a non-silicon option.

    Improves hair health while also adding gloss and lustre.

    Each hair strand is strengthened by sealing damaged cuticles.

    Hair becomes more manageable when it is dry, tangled, frizzy, or brittle.