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    Ketodust Body Wash is a medicated body wash packed with the antifungal properties of ketoconazole. It aids in the treatment of skin dryness and itching caused by a fungal infection.
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    Highlights of the product

    It aids in the improvement of skin texture.

    Removes dryness, irritation, and flakiness from the skin.

    Provides comfort when the skin is infected with a fungus.

    Key Ingredient:

    Key Advantages:

    It is helpful in the treatment of fungal infections on the skin.

    It aids in the removal of skin flakes and dryness.

    It treats fungal infections that produce dry, itchy skin.

    It aids in the treatment or prevention of fungal development.


    Use Instructions:

    As instructed by the manufacturer's instructions or your doctor.

    Information about safety:

    Before using, carefully read the label.

    Keep out of children's reach.

    Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

    Only for external usage

    Keep your hands away from your eyes.