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    Manufacturer: HIMALAYA
    Himalaya Sparkling White Fresh Gel is a herbal product that uses plant enzyme technology to gently remove surface stains from the teeth.
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    Himalaya Sparkling White Fresh Gel's main advantages

    Miswak helps to prevent tooth decay by inhibiting the formation of dental plaque.
    Bromelain, a natural enzyme found in pineapples, helps to dissolve stains on tooth enamel.
    Papaya includes papain, a moderate whitening ingredient that helps to eliminate enamel stains.
    Cinnamon, clove, and menthol have antimicrobial qualities that help to reduce mouth odour and freshen breath.
    Gums are tightened by the astringent qualities of almond.

    Use instructions:

    Brush teeth with a tiny amount of Sparkling White Toothpaste squeezed onto a toothbrush. Brush twice a day for the best results.

    Use under the guidance of a physician.