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    Manufacturer: HIMALAYA
    Nature's Way To Fair Skin: Fairness Cream What it does is this: Himalaya's Fairness Cream contains natural ingredients to counteract a dull, uneven complexion, as well as clear dark spots and pigmented skin. Its one-of-a-kind composition assures simplicity of use, quicker absorption, and improved skin nourishment. The Fairness Cream, which contains extracts from Persian Rose, Mandarin Orange (Walnut), Walnut, and Aloe Vera, works around the clock to provide four-dimensional fairness. The cream brightens the skin, evens up the tone, gives it a natural shine, and minimises the appearance of blemishes. It's simple to apply, and the abrasion helps to better feed the skin. Additionally, the herbal mixture promotes hydration.
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    Thoroughly clean the face and neck.
    Natural Glow Fairness Cream is dermatologically tested and should be used twice daily to the face and neck in an upward circular motion.