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    Manufacturer: HIMALAYA
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    The Himalaya Babycare Gift Pack comprises the following items:

    - Himalaya Baby Shampoo (Gentle) (1 unit, 100ml)
    - Massage Oil for Babies from Himalaya (1 unit, 100ml)

    - Himalaya Baby Wipes (Gentle) (1 pack of 12 units)

    - Himalaya Baby Gentle Soap (1 unit of 75g)

    Himalaya Baby Lotion, Himalaya Baby Lotion, Himalaya Baby Lotion, Himalaya Baby (1 unit of 100ml)

    Himalaya Baby Powder, Himalaya Baby Powder, Himalaya Baby Powder, Himalaya Baby Powder (1 unit fo 100g)

    - Diaper Rash Cream from Himalaya (1 unit of 20g)

    The following are some of the most important advantages and applications:

    - Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo: Nourish and soften hair while improving shine.
    - Himalaya Baby Massage Oil: Aids in the growth and development of your baby.
    - Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes: Gently cleanses the sensitive skin of babies.
    - Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap: Cleanses and conditions baby's sensitive skin gently and efficiently, leaving it smooth and moisturised.
    - Himalaya Baby Lotion: Keeps the skin smooth and supple while protecting it from illnesses.
    - Himalaya Baby Powder: Helps to hydrate and soften sensitive skin all day.
    - Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream: Soothes red, irritated skin and aids in the healing process.

    Directions for use:

    Follow the doctor's instructions.

    Information about safety:

    - Only for external use

    - Before using, read the label carefully.

    - Keep out of children's reach and sight.