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    Manufacturer: GUBB
    Detangle your hair with flexible ball-tipped bristles that keep your hair looking shiny. The cushioned oval shape allows you to arrange your hair in a number of beautiful ways.
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    GUBB USA introduces the professional Oval Hair Brush, which can be used for anything from regular care to professional hair styling.
    With flexible bristles that softly manage and shape your hair, this brush defines pain-free detangling. It has a cushioned base that allows it to bend and adapt to the curves of the head, making detangling jumbled-up hair strands simpler.

    The ball-tipped bristles are soft on the scalp and massage it for better blood circulation and hair health.

    Unique pattern and light weight body are ergonomically designed for improved grip and style. The air cushion base reduces static while brushing hair, which is especially important in the winter.