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    Manufacturer: GUBB
    Now you can offer your skin that delicate treatment with our natural Non-Woven Cotton Pads, which are composed of 100 percent pure cotton and are thus skin-friendly. Their gentle base dissolves makeup and exfoliates skin more effectively. For perfect skin, pair them with your favourite skincare product and follow the CTM (Cleansing>Toning>Moisturizing) routine. They're great for removing eye makeup, nail polish, makeup corrections, toning, washing, and wound cleaning.
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    ONE HUNDRED PERCENT PURE COTTON - Our Non-Woven Cotton Pads are composed of one hundred percent pure cotton to soothe your skin like a baby's.
    GENTLE ON THE SKIN – These cotton pads have a feather-like soft foundation that removes makeup and exfoliates the skin more effectively.
    NO RESIDUE — Our cotton pads are of the highest quality, lint-free, and residue-free.