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    Manufacturer: GUBB
    Lift your hair from the roots and brush it down the hair shaft gently.
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    Paddle Hair Brush by GUBB USA is designed to polish or straighten long, medium, and short strands with ease and comfort.
    Soft and flexible bristles softly style and shape your hair, defining pain-free detangling. It has a cushioned base that allows it to bend and adapt to the curves of the head, making detangling jumbled-up hair strands simpler.

    The scalp is gently massaged with ball-tipped bristles, which improves blood circulation. Deeply penetrates each hair strand to keep your hair looking its best. Attached is a retractable pin for cleaning hair brushes and assisting in hair sectioning.

    Unique pattern and light weight body have been ergonomically designed for improved grip and handling. The air cushion base reduces static while brushing hair, which is especially important in the winter.
    Straightens curly hair strands while also smoothing out waves, frizz, and fly-aways.