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    Manufacturer: GUBB
    SKU: 124295
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    Ergonomically built for a comfortable grip. It's compatible with primers, foundations, powders, and creams.
    Is composed of high-quality antimicrobial foam that helps to keep germs at bay.
    This 'beauty blender' may be washed, reused, and recycled.

    How to Utilize-

    Use the pointed end to clean beneath your eyes, under your nose, and around your lips.

    For the forehead, cheeks, and chin, use the circular base.

    Instructions for cleaning


    Use a mild cleaner and warm water to clean.

    Allow it to air dry on an absorbent surface overnight.

    Round Base

    The beauty blender sponge's circular base is ideal for applying makeup to broad skin regions including the forehead, cheeks, and chin.
    The blender is ergonomically built to offer you a firm grip on the cosmetic sponge.

    Pointed End

    Makeup can be applied beneath the eyes, around the nose, and lips using the pointed end of the makeup sponge.

    Because it's composed of antibacterial foam, it's safe to use on skin.