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    Manufacturer: GUBB
    SKU: 124292
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    Your feet deserve the best, so GUBB USA has created a four-sided pedicure set to pamper them in every way.

    This four-in-one tool includes a callus remover, a pumice stone to soften cracks on heels, an Emery filer to smooth out rough skin, and a cleaning brush to clean and exfoliate dust.

    Made with high-quality materials that will endure much longer than normal. There's a rope to hang it up and dry it after each usage.

    It gently exfoliates your feet, leaving them velvety smooth and perfect for flip-flops.

    How to Use:

    Soak your feet for 5-10 minutes in warm water. Begin by washing them with a cleaning brush and pedicure soap. Pumice stone can be used to soften the heels. By gently washing the region with a callus remover, you may eliminate dead skin buildup. Repeat until the rough skin and fissures are gone. To give that finishing polish, start smoothing down rough edges using an emery file.