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    GrovivaTM is a professionally designed nutritional supplement that contains 38 important nutrients to help children with cognitive function, natural immunity, normal growth and development, gut health, bone health, and fatigue (2-12 yrs). As a result, it's enriched with key nutrients (Certi5TM).
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    Groviva is a scientifically formulated Child Nutrition Supplement that promotes overall development and growth. Groviva's Certi5 Signature Nutrients (Dual Protein, Highest DHA, Probiotics, Dietary Fibre, Calcium) enhance general growth and development (Brain, Height, Weight, and Immunity) in children to make them "Confident Inside and Active Outside."

    Groviva contains a total of 38 key nutrients that meet RDA guidelines, ensuring the correct amount of nourishment for general growth and development.

    Groviva's Kids Approved Taste and Four Flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, and Strawberry) make even the pickiest child eagerly anticipate their next glass.

    Two scoops (30g) in a cup of milk/water, twice a day is recommended usage and guidance.

    Information about safety:

    For youngsters who are allergic to soy and milk, this product is not advised. Galactosemia and lactose intolerance are not recommended for youngsters.