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    Manufacturer: ABBOTT
    Creastim is a unique product developed by Ducray, a forward-thinking French dermocosmetic business. Creastim helps to prevent hair loss, promotes hair growth, and strengthens hair.
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    Creastim is a unique mixture of actives (creatine, tetrapeptide, vitamin B5, B6, and B8) that promotes microcirculation and supplies essential nutrients to hair bulb cells.
    Creastim has been shown to be clinically effective in the treatment of acute hair loss after just one month of usage.

    In 84 percent of patients, anti-hair loss effectiveness was found after the first month of use.

    The average quantity of hairs collected during the hair pull test was significantly reduced by 67 percent.

    Creastim has a non-oily, light feel. Creastim comes in an appealing package that is simple to use. Also comes with a handy travel bag.


    Use instructions:

    After sectioning the hair, spray 10 times over the entire dry scalp to ensure that the product reaches the scalp. Massage the area well.
    There is no need to rinse.

    After using the product, wait 2 hours before shampooing.

    The treatment lasts two months and requires three applications each week.


    Use only under the guidance of a physician.