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    Depiwhite Advanced Creme is an intense depigmenting cream that combines three depigmenting active ingredients with a combination of proprietary active chemicals to help the body's natural phosphatase-mediated melanin breakdown. The cream will aid in the fading or elimination of brown spots, as well as the prevention of their return and the evening out of the complexion.
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    The following are the active components in the cream:

    1.  Arbutin, luteolin, and parsley extracts from plants, as well as Kojic acid and Vitamin C. Arbutin and luteolin inhibit the synthesis of melanin, while parsley extract is high in vitamins A, B, and C.
    2.  Antipollon will absorb melanin from the epidermis' top layer. This is a fast-acting agent, with initial whitening benefits seen after only 15 days of usage.
    3.  Vitamin PP calms the skin and reduces melanin transfer to the skin's melanosomes.
    4. Phosphatase activators with a patent. Phosphatase is a naturally occurring enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of melanin in keratinocytes.
    5. Depiwhite Advanced Cream contains patented chemicals that promote the production of phosphatase activators.
    6. AHAs are mildly keratolytic chemicals that promote cell regeneration and leave the skin feeling smooth.

    Use instructions:

    For 2 to 6 months, apply lotion to the afflicted region once a day.

    Only use on tiny areas. Sun exposure should be limited.

    Use under the guidance of a physician.