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    Manufacturer: CORONATION
    Coronation Hot Water Bottle (Deluxe ) delivers the greatest heat treatment for strained and weary muscles and gives relief from all types of muscular discomfort. Athletes, sportspeople, and physical trainers will benefit from the usage of a hot water bag. Heat treatment is also available for back discomfort, sports injuries, and arthritis.
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    Highlights of the Product

    Comfort and comprehensive covering for the wounded region are provided by soft fibre.

    Relief from muscle and menstrual pain is immediate.

    Its tiny and compact size makes it more convenient and simple to transport.

    In the winter, it's used as a natural body warmer and for heat therapy. Provides pain relief for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and back discomfort.

    Specifications and features of the product include the following:

    Soft fibre offers comfort and complete covering to the wounded region.

    Muscle and menstruation pain are relieved immediately.

    It is more convenient and simple to carry because of its tiny and compact form.

    Useful Instructions:

    Don't use hot water to fill the bottle.

    Fill only two-thirds of the way full.

    By turning the bottle upside-down, you may check for any leaks.

    Expel the air by slowly lowering yourself onto a flat surface until water emerges at the entrance.

    To guarantee that there is no leaking, tighten the stopper properly.

    Information about safety:

    Before using, carefully read the label.

    Keep it out of the reach of youngsters.

    Keep it in a cold, dry location.