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    The Dr. Morepen glucose blood glucose monitor model bg 03 is a smart glucose monitor that allows you to rapidly, precisely, and pleasantly assess blood glucose levels. The glucose metre readings are solely for informational reasons; they are not a substitute for a medical evaluation by a licenced medical professional. Discuss your results with a licenced medical professional. Never rely only on the results to make medical decisions. If you have any health-related concerns, get medical help as soon as possible. Before making any changes to your medication, diet, exercise regimen, or blood glucose testing schedules, talk to your doctor.
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    In only 5 seconds, you'll have a result.
    A 0.5uL blood sample is a small amount of blood.
    Exceptional memory. a total of ten Lancets

    It has a big display screen that can save up to 300 test results and requires a minimum blood sample of 0.5 microlitre.